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Modern Witchcraft

Marcus Katz lives with his wife Brina in Keswick, England. He is a therapist and a teacher of witchcraft, tarot and ritual magic .

Marcus was the first student in the world to receive a Masters Degree in Western Esotericism from the University of Exeter and is now working on a PhD of the same topic. He is a witchcraft practitioner and pagan and shares this belief with about 40 000 other English people. Marcus is the owner and leader of the Far away center, the first independent contemporary esoteric training centre in the UK. He regularly organizes witchcraft and tarot workshops.

Olivier's Story

Olivier is a 7 year old boy and lives with his mum in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. During Haiti’s devastating earthquake in the month of January 2010 he almost died. He and his mum tell the story.


Haitian Voodoo is a syncretistic religion that is based upon a merging of the beliefs and practices of West African people with Arawakian religious beliefs, and Roman Catholic Christianity. It was created in the 16th century.

Alice Smeets Photography

Alice Smeets is a photographer, artist, tarot reader and healing guide. She practices the art of living by following her bliss and trying out everything that comes along her way. She provides guidance for others to find their purpose in life and heal their wounds from the past.

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