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Catalyst for Change.
Spiritual Guide & Artist.


My name is Alice and I am passionate about change and challenging the status quo.

As spiritual guide and artist, I love to catalyze people into reconnecting with their higher selves.

Most of all, I am a free spirit who follows her heart to make her dreams come true. Discover more about my life as a spiritual guide, artist, shadow worker and my former projects.

Photography and film are the language of my soul.
Let yourself fall into the magic of my hearts images.

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The Ghetto Tarot.
My Photography Portfolio.
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I love to write about art, life,
healing and spirituality.

I am inspired by Carl Jung’s archetype of the wounded healer. The archetype originated with the Greek myth of physically wounded Chiron who by way of overcoming the pain of his own wounds, became the compassionate teacher of healing. My wounds were not physical but emotional and have caused intense periods of depression in my past. But at the same time these emotions have been my blessing, having been leading me towards a journey of reconnection with my higher self that I am entirely grateful for.

“We are always given the very wounds that we are eventually meant to teach others to heal.” – Teal Swan.

I am using shadow work, the Completion Process and tarot readings to reestablish the connection with your spirit.



Would you like to reconnect with your higher self? Would you like to know your shadow side and find out how to love it? Join me in one of my workshops around the world.

To deepen the experience of getting to know yourself, I designed a workshop that shines light on your shadow aspects with the help of tarot cards. Once we find out what is holding you back, I will guide you to release your inner blockages and help you to shed layers of resistance to reestablish the connection with your spirit.


Do you like my art? Visit the shop to find my artistic products such as the Ghetto Tarot and more;
all made with enthusiasm and love.



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